2010 Fowkes

Sunday, June 21, 2009


So for Father's Day, we decided to take a drive. We drove over to the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin - Iowa border. We went and visited some Indian effigies. I'll post about that later.

What was REALLY fun was we heard there were storms in our area. So what do we do? We drive to find these tornadoes we are hearing about.

South of us in a small town called Dike, Iowa, we came upon a huge storm. It was so awesome to see the churning of the clouds. There were quite a few funnels...but they never touched down. UNTIL.....1 finally touched down. We got it on video.

Unfortunately, it touched down over a farmers hog barn. It completely destroyed part of the barn. No one in the family was hurt. We drove by and got pictures of the barn. Here is the video.

Here the kids and I are in front of the tornado.

Here is a picture of the tornado touching down

A picture of the barn after the tornado had passed.


KathyF said...

Hunter must have been ecstatic to finally see a tornado!!! This is so cool. I love your blog, Laura. And I'm officially jealous of your farm house and 80 acres and everything. Awesome! We are so happy for you and that everything has worked out so perfectly.

Phelps Phamily said...

Super cool! The screaming really added to the whole coolness factor.

Jessica said...

Wow!!! I would have been so freaked out!! I liked at the end when Hunter yells "we gotta get outta here!" You guys are having such an adventure!