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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Christmas Card

Sorry everyone. We decided to save the trees this year. So I am doing a blog Christmas card. Feel free to print out and hang up on your mantle.

A quick run down from this year....that way you won't have to read my past blogs:


We were still unemployed in Colorado. Kevin went to Dallas for a job opening and got the job.


Moved to The Colony, Texas. Our wonderful friends Brandt and Kristi Nukala took our kids for the weekend so we could move our stuff in. We celebrated Hunter's 12th birthday.


Getting adjusted to Texas and trying to navigate their freeways....pretty crazy!!!


Celebrated Lindsey's 8th birthday. Grandma and Grandpa King and part of the Nukala clan came to celebrate Hunter's ordination and Lindsey's baptism. I (Laura) had to give a talk at Lindsey's baptism. I don't suggest that parents do that...too emotional. Kevin wasn't happy in his position at his job. He started looking for employment elsewhere. He received a phone call from a company in Iowa, Aerial Services Inc. So we flew Grandma King back out to Texas to watch the kids. The company flew Kevin and I out to Iowa during Hayden's 10th birthday. Don't worry...he got a party when we got back! Kevin got the job.


We make arrangements to move to Iowa. Packed the house up....AGAIN!!!!


We drive13 hours from Dallas, TX to Cedar Falls, Iowa. We move into a home with farm land and a preschool. The preschool has goats, chickens, cats, a pony, a horse and 2 bunnies. There is corn planted in the field. I am amazed how beautiful Iowa really is. Of course it's summer...not the dead of winter.


The kids and I did a lot of traveling in the state. Some ladies from the ward took us to different state parks. We would spend the day hiking or playing in the water of the lakes, or just eat a picnic.


I was able to go back to Dallas, Texas and meet my sister Nancy there. She took me to the Depeche Mode concert. We spent the weekend reconnecting. It was so much fun!!! Kevin was called to be the activities commitee chairman and the 1st Counselor in the Sunday School.


Hunter decided he wanted to run cross country for the Cedar Falls Junior High team. That consists of the 2 junior highs in the city. He practiced hard. Grandma and Grandpa King came to visit the Farmstead. They were able to see a couple of Hunter's races. I was set called and set apart as the 1st Counselor in the Relief Society. That was neat to have my father in the circle. We decided to take a day drive down to Nauvoo and Carthage, Illinois. What a neat place that is. Nauvoo has so much history there, and the temple is BEAUTIFUL! Carthage was such an amazing and spiritual place to be. It was heart-renching to be in the same room where Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith were killed. What a testimony builder. A few days later Grandma, Grandpa King and I drove to Dubuque, Iowa. It borders the Mississippi River. We drove around and visited a few places. The best place was the 4th street elevator. A small tram that takes you to the bottom or the top of a steep mountain. It's for those who don't want to walk down the mountain...they can ride. Kevin celebrated his 39th birthday. Yep...he's getting old! After many days of rain, Grandma and Grandpa had to leave and finish their traveling. We were happy they came to visit!


For Halloween we went to Minnapolis, Minnesota. We spent Halloween at the Mall of America riding rollercoasters. The kids loved it way more than trick-or-treating. Of course we stopped and bought them whatever candy bar they wanted.


We wpent Thanksgiving in Chicago, Illinois. What a city!!! They had it decorated for Christmas, so the night skyline was beautiful. We did a LOT of walking. We saw the Planetarium, Willis Tower (formally known as Sears Tower), Navy Pier (where Oprah lives), and rode the train and city buses. There was still so much more we didn't get to see. Another time maybe!


Here we are in December. I celebrated my 38th birthday. Yep...I too am old! We have already had a blizzard that dumped 3 to 4 foot drifts in our yard. Which made it very difficult to leave in a car without it being plowed. After 2 days, they finally came to plow. The snow is still on the ground and more is expected to come. And from what I hear, the high 20's temperature is a warming trend. Oye! It will be a long.....cold.....winter. One we are prepared for. We are staying in Iowa for Christmas. It's our first Christmas without family.

We want to wish our family and friends a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We love you and miss you all so much. We are grateful for our Saviors birth and his impact in our lives. He lived and died so we can return to our loving Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the Lord's plan. I am grateful for my membership in His church.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!!!!

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