2010 Fowkes

Monday, February 15, 2010



Hunter is officially 13....WOW! Where does time go?

He is definently a teenager....TO A TEE!!! He comes equipt with attitude and all.

He still has a passion for weather and is VERY excited (understatement) for the Spring to come and bring with it a furry of storms.

In March, he along with Kevin and I, will be going to a storm watcher class.

He is doing well in school and is still keeping up his grades to be able to get into a great college. He is aiming for University of Oklahoma. It's nice to know that at 7th grade, he has his life figured out.

We love Hunter very much, and yes...so does his brother and sister!

We hope you have an awesome year, Hunter!!!!

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Jessica said...

Oh my goodness... you have a teenager! And ya - that's great that he has his sights set on a college already! Then you wont be stressing out that last semester of senior year wondering where he'll go :)