2010 Fowkes

Saturday, December 11, 2010


We were fortunante to travel to AZ for Thanksgiving this year. This is the first time in 2 years that Kevin has been able to go. We decided to bring our toy hauler trailer and buggy to sell in AZ. So our trip there went alot slower than it would have had we not brought them. We traveled thru Oklahoma and Texas. We finally stopped for the night at a truck stop. This truck stop had around 30 truckers and their trailers. It was rather funny to see our truck and trailer parked in the middle of these large trucks. So we spent the night in our trailer....without blankets!! It was really cold. The kids were smart and brought theirs.

We stayed at my parents house (the Kings). We were also fortunante to spend time with both families.
Holly King and her kids
Marilyn King and Karen Rawls

Janis Wilkins and her kids
Grandpa and Grandma West
Brian and Kristy Fowkes family

Roger and Kathy Fowkes Family
David and Leilani and Trevor

Gary and Ann Fowkes Family

The Fowkes Family

We were able to spend time with some good friends of ours. This is Hope and Lindsey.

Hunter, Hayden and Jacob

We enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

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