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Monday, July 7, 2008

So I am back from Arizona.

I was happy to go and see everyone. My house there is still standing, and the neighborhood is still intact.

So I kept busy with kids and running around seeing everyone on different days. I was able to work on my tan...which was so desperately needed. I miss lounging by a pool and sweating..ok, well not the sweating part. I am glad everyone took time to see me and my kiddos.

I was happy to come home. I didn't think I would make the 14 hour drive all in one day, but I did it!!!! YEA!!! Kids kept the fighting to a minimum.

Today the weather is 75 degrees with overcast and a breeze.....in other words....BEAUTIFUL!!!! This is what I missed in Arizona. I decided that 110 degrees, really isn't for me. But I will visit it for my family and friends.

Although....those family and friends could get out of that heat and come visit me...hint...hint!!

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