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Thursday, September 4, 2008

What are we doing now?

So school started August 11th. The kids go to Semper Elementary. Hunter is in 6th grade, Hayden is in 4th grade, and Lindsey is in 2nd grade.

Hunter has an awesome teacher. He has been teaching for YEARS and he really loves this job. He makes it fun and the kids want to be there. I am so excited because of this teacher and his love of teaching. Hunter will get to go to Outdoor Camp later this year. They spend a week in the mountains learning about Science and other subjects. Hunter has also passed off his requirements for his Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class Scouting. He is now starting to work on his merit badges. It is ALOT of work.

Hayden is still a sports fanatic! He is signing up for whatever basketball camp he can. Needless to say....his daddy is proud! He is a Bear in Scouting and recently won 1st place at his Space Derby.

Lindsey is still Lindsey. Her best friends are the potato bugs (rolly pollys). She keep a box of dirt in the backyard and will put those bugs in there. She gives them water and food. She will stay outside for hours playing with them.

Kevin is still enjoying his job here. He has moved up to being "Operations Manager". He is now over all the projects (and problems) that Pixxures does. He is still playing basketball when he can. His last ankle sprain left him a little slower as the doctor found out almost all his ligaments are torn or sprained bad. The doctor wants him to have surgery, but Kevin is holding off for as long as he can.

I am working in the cafeteria at Mandalay Middle School. It has 7th and 8th graders there. It is next to the kids elementary school and they will go to Mandalay when they finish Semper. I enjoy being there. It is only 4 hours a day so I am home with the kids. I am keeping busy with the callings they keep giving me at church. When we first moved here, I was called to be Enrichment Leader. Then they added on Ward Camp Director. With camp over, I went back to worrying about enrichment. Then they called me to be an assistant Cub Scout Leader for Bear Den. Hayden is currently a bear. (I guess they needed help with him). We have 10 boys so it is an adventure. But, they did release me from enrichment leader so know I can focus on Cub Scouts. So with Hunter and his merit badges and working with Hayden in Cubs....I think I'll be pro at scouting when I am done. They need to have a HUGE award for the moms!

So we are moving along in our lives. We enjoy camping in this beautiful state! The Rockies are so breath taking!! We are looking forward to more skiing in the winter.

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