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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grand Junction, CO

September 27, 2008

So to drive to Grand Junction you head West on I-70. If you have ever driven that, you know you climb in altitude, about 10,000ft in altitude. So the trees are changing color which makes the drive that much better. These are the Aspens. The picture really doesn't do it much justice. They are a BRIGHT gold.

On a sad note, alot of the trees are turning red due to the bark beetle, but it makes a neat contrast with the green pines and gold Aspens.

I really get why the people of Colorado call this state "God's Country". It is such a beautiful state.

This is the city of Vail.

Sitting and getting sunburned, waiting for the air show to start.

The MIG is one of my boys favorite planes. It must be from the video games they play.

This is the "Heritage Flight". It is a P-51, an F-16 and an F-18. This is such a moving part of the air show. I feel so much emotion when I see these. That is the reason I love air shows!

This was such a fun thing to watch. This is a semi truck with 3 jet engines on back. He rolled right in front of us and fired the thing up. Then he pulled away into the smoke and right after I shut the camera off, and with his back end facing us....he fired it up again. It blew the hat off of a guys head who was standing next to me and the heat was so intense! I wish it was on video. It later raced again a plane...and won. Amazing!

And then of course are the Blue Angels! They are so amazing to watch. They fly so close together and are always in sync! One mess up could cause a HUGE crash. We were hoping for a sonic boom, but it didn't happen. They came very close.

I guess after being in the sun for 8 hours with your head looking towards the sky can make you tired. Lindsey fell asleep DURING the Blue Angels flight. How anyone can sleep with them screaming overhead is beyond me!

Some misc. pictures of our day


Jessica said...

How TOTALLY cool!!! I would love to go to an airshow... And yes that scenery was beautiful on the way up there! You get seasons! :) Lucky girl :) Halloween won't be the same w/o you guys!!

The Garbison family said...

What gorgeous scenery!!! So cute of your daughter asleep. Kids baffle me...LOL