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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Festivities

So now that fall is here, my kids have gotten creative. Instead of raking the leaves and jumping in them....(risk getting injured, and anyone who knows us, knows it will be Hayden that gets injured)...they decided to put the leaves on the trampoline and jump in them that way.

But what stuns me, is that Hunter and Hayden decided if they work TOGETHER they can get more leaves on the the trampoline. So I HAD to get a picture of them working together.

Then there is Lindsey, who recently got her haircut. I think this is her 3rd haircut in her LIFE!!!!
We gotta figure out how to get her hair to grow. But she is still a cutie!

And then there are the cats! Roxie (above) and Scampy (below). They are enjoying all the critters Colorado has to offer. I think they have even become friends with the neighborhood Skunk and Fox. As long as they leave them dead mouse and bunnies, the Skunk and Fox leave them alone.


The Garbison family said...

That trampoline photo is PRICELESS!!!!

Shawnie said...

Laura- I am so happy you found me so I could follow your blog too!!! I am so glad to see you are doing well. I miss you and your sense of humor. Also happy to see the children are still alive. HA HA

Jessica said...

Wow - i am impressed at the teamwork :) That looks like so much fun! There are still leaves on the trees here and its almost hot. Enjoy your autumn :) Lindsey looks cute with her haircut too!

Amy said...

ok your kids looks so different it had seriouly been years I think Lindsey was a baby when I saw her last. Just click on my name to get to our blog. You all look so great.