2010 Fowkes

Friday, October 31, 2008


So here we are...finished with trick-or-treating. The weather was GREAT!!! We have heard that past Halloweens were cold, windy, sometimes with snow. Tonight was clear, calm and not chilly.

Here is Hayden and Lindsey. Hunter took off with friends before I could get a picture of him. Lindsey is a Leopard and Hayden is.....well...scream man. Hunter is a zombie of sorts.

One house had a graveyard, so Hayden and Lindsey took turns with a headstone.

Here is Hunter with 2 of his friends! Hunter is the far left, green thing.

Here is a "man" who was sitting at the far end of a cul-de-sac in the dark. He was with the candy bowl at his feet holding an ax. Hayden and Lindsey didn't want to go up to him, afraid of him. They kept pushing Kevin and I to get the bowl from him. He wasn't moving. And we kept telling the kids he wasn't real or he would have moved. I even stood by him to get a picture. While Hayden was taking my picture, Lindsey grabbed the bowl. Then they started to dive into the bowl, and the guy gets up and walks towards the kids and they jump up and scream and run!!! It was the funniest thing. He never said one thing...kept the character going. The kids loved it! It was so much fun!


Jessica said...

How fun! We missed you at our little BBQ - just not the same without the Fowkes kids running around in the mix! Hopefully I'll get my pics up soon - although I didn't bring my camera out until late (dark)...

The Garbison family said...

LOL...I saw my first real horror film w/ you (Nightmare on Elm Street, party at Denese's) and you always laughed while I always quaked in my boots! Ya brave girl!! LOL

Amy said...

You have some scary people in Colorado!!! We did have a couple of cool houses that we went to down in my parents neighborhood!! Creepy.