2010 Fowkes

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So for the last MONTH..ugh I have been working on redoing
my basement bathroom. It was the only part of the house that wasn't redone earlier. So I decided to go cheap and re purpose things we already have. So painting the counter was what I did. I faux painted the top and painted the sides. The walls got a new coat as well. Now all that's left is to decorate. I think it turned out pretty good. There was a LOT of tears and cussing, but I have learned alot from this project....GO OUT AND BUY A DANG CABINET AND NEW SINK!!!! j/k


Riley said...

Wow, Laura, that looks amazing. You'd NEVER guess that you painted that. You'll have to share how you did it. Nice job, though!

Riley said...

sorry, Laura, it's me, Jody. Apparently my daughter is signed it and I didn't know it.

The Garbison family said...

It looks awesome! You so rock!!!

Jessica said...

That turned out so nice!! way to go :)