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Monday, January 19, 2009

TEXAS!!! The Lone Star State

Yep, we are hitching up the wagons and moving to Texas! Yeehawww!

So Kevin got a job in Dallas. He is there starting work and finding us a rental home. He is very excited to be EMPLOYED!!! What a bummer it is to be laid off. We have been very lucky to find a job. So we go where we have to. Our first choice was to stay in Colorado. We love it here and wanted to see more of this beautiful state, but unfortunately there were no jobs to be had here.

So we are leaving in about 3 weeks. So I have begun to pack...AGAIN. Maybe I won't unpack for awhile just to be safe!

So on to our next destination!


The Garbison family said...

You will be the brightest stars there!! Keep us posted about your move!

Jessica said...

I am so happy that Kevin found something so fast!! Sorry you're alone while he's out there starting out though. Wish I could come help you pack again :)

Jane said...

You are becoming just like me, the moving queen. It's a hard job, but I know you can do it!We love you and hope all goes well. Where you able to sell your house? We will have to visit TEXAS! They have a fun 6 flags!!!

Amy said...

You will be in our prayers as you make your move. If there is anything we can do let us know. It's hard when we're in different states. Maybe someday we'll join you in Texas. Going back to where your dad started his life.

Crazybeautiful said...

Hi there Laura!! How has everyone been? Sounds like you have alot to do with moving :-)We love Texas it is a beautiful state! Good Luck and keep in touch! Glad to see all is well!

The Garbison family said...

HOWDY, pardner!! LOL
Check out my blog...I tagged you there :-)