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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Hunter!!!!!

I know I won't win mommie of the year award!!

I feel horrible because I have not been able to blog about Hunter turning 12 2 weeks ago. Poor kid!! We moved into our home in Texas 2 days before his birthday. We were able to take him to his favorite restaurant TEXAS ROADHOUSE. Our friends, the Nukala's, who live around the Fort Worth area, were able to join us.

So Hunter, my oldest, turned 12. Hunter is such a wonderful person! He is CONSTANTLY learning. His favorite show to watch at the age of 2 wasn't Sesame Street or any Disney show. He loved to watch the Weather Channel. He has been fascinated by tornado's for forever!! He is so excit
ed that he has a possibility to see some here in Texas. He enjoys watching footage of the destruction it leaves.
He also enjoys science. He loves to learn how things react to each other. Which could be why he enjoys teasing his brother and sister.
He likes to teach us about the world and learn about things.
I am grateful that he has a desire to get the priesthood and attend mutual. He was so excited when he found out it is a tradition in our ward to have the Young Men in a suit. He looks so handsome and grown up.

DAY (belated :) ) HUNTER!! We love you!!!

Matthew, Hunter, Marina, Hayden, Lindsey, Kaden, Karsen

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Amy said...

Did Hunter get our card before you left CO? I hope so.