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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cedar River Flooding

This Winter, from everyone tells me, has had the most snow....REALLY? I thought Iowa had tons of snow every year. I guess not.

So with that snow comes a lot of melting snow which in turns makes the rivers flow faster and higher. Two years ago, Cedar Falls had a massive flood in June. A month before that, an EF5 tornado ripped thru Parkersburg, which is about 10 miles East of Cedar Falls. Parkersburg was also affected by the flood. This little community was in shambles. Some people sold their house to the city and moved away, some people still live in their house and others raised their houses so they are about 8 feet or so off the ground.

This year, the flooding has begun. It hasn't gotten as bad as 2 years ago, but if the Spring rains come crashing down, it will be.

We do have homes that are flooded right now. I believe most of them are abandoned from 2 years ago and the city hasn't torn them down yet.

Main St. in Cedar Falls has not been affected yet so it is staying in the river area.

Here are some pictures of the flooding:

A train bridge:

Park with the bike trail submerged...the lights for the trail are the green things poking out of the water...they are about 4 feet high. The trail runs along side the lights:

1st Street across the river:

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Jessica said...

Whoa! Is your home in an area that would be threatened by the flooding? That is a lot of water...