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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cinderella looks good in Purple and Gold....

Every state we have lived in, we dig our heels into the sports programs. We become fans of the home team.

Moving to Iowa, wasn't any different. Our local team is the University of Northern Iowa Panthers. It's a small university compared to the likes of USC, ASU and such.

We have been to a couple of the men's basketball games and were VERY impressed with their players. They have an outstanding record for their season. They are the Missouri Valley Conference Division Champs.

So we have been following them on their run in the NCAA Tournaments. And WOW! Really impressive.

Today they played the number 1 team in the NCAA...Kansas. UNI is ranked #9. Everyone went into this game thinking.."well, it's been a great run". But those Panthers surprised EVERYONE!!!

They took out the #1 team! They beat them 69-67! It was such an awesome fight! They were up in the game by 10 points and kept that lead for most of the 1st half. The second half they came out and were sluggish. They couldn't get a 3 point shot for nothing! And Kansas was really pressing them when they were inbounding the ball. But good ole Farokhmanesh's 3 pointer made it a win!

So now we wait to see what happens at the Sweet-Sixteen dance later this week!


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