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Sunday, June 6, 2010

What we are up to now....

So here we are....June 6th and the kiddos are STILL in school! Woot Woot!!!
We are finishing up the end of this week...thanks in part to all the snow closures we had.

We have finally reached our 1 year anniversary here in Iowa!!!! So far so good!

Lindsey will be starting tennis next week and will continue thru most of the summer. Hayden will be starting baseball that will end 1st week in August. Hunter will be perfecting his score on whatever video game is holding his intrest at the moment. He will be going to scout camp for a week. Kevin will be busy working and staying employed! And I will be trying to hold the fort down and get everyone where they need to be and playing cop to all the arguing that will ensue.

The kiddos and I will be heading to AZ at the end of July to about mid August! We can't wait to see everyone we have missed. I will be going to VEGAS with my parents to see my neice married...so that's my vacation within my vacation (the kiddos won't be going :) ) .

We are still chasing storms when we can. We headed out yesteday to SouthEastern Iowa/Illinois. Nothing was really happening until later in the afternoon when huge clouds started building up over Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. Kevin knew exactly what was going to happen with those storms....tornadoes. So we stayed parallel to the storm to get ahead of it and over to the other side. The rain finally caught up to us so we were not able to see the tornaodes that touched down about 5 miles from us. That storm was moving FAST and ended up producing 48 tornadoes across parts of Iowa into Illinois and Ohio. A few deaths were reported.

So while we didn't see these tornadoes, just seeing the energy these clouds build up to produce such a thing is nothing short of amazing. So more and more, we are able to read the clouds and know what it is we are looking for. And yet we still remember how lucky we were to catch our first tornado last year only after living here 2 weeks. Being in the right place at the right time is very unusual.

So that's about what we are up to....still enjoying the farm!!

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