2010 Fowkes

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I want to wish my Dad, my husband and everyone else in a father role a happy father's day! I miss my dad and wish I could be near him. I remember times when I would go to work with him, even though it was blazing hot, just so I could be with him. I remember wonderful times at our Daddy Daughter campouts (do they do those any more?) and I will NEVER forget his favorite saying "it'll put hair on your chest"...said anytime we wouldn't eat something. My dad has taken us fishing and even his grandkids fishing. My kids love doing that with grandpa. I love you Dad!!

I also am married the wonderful father of my kids! He really enjoys being with the kiddos and doing what they want to do. Hayden and Kevin have been going on LONG bike rides together, and playing sports. Kevin and Hunter have been storm chasing together all over Iowa and parts of Minnesota. Lindsey just has his heart wrapped around her finger! He loves that little girl! I love you Kevin!!

So I am very lucky to have wonderful men in my life who are great examples of what a father should be!

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