2010 Fowkes

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our storm chasing expeditions.....

Lately there have been some AMAZING storms building up in South West Minnestoa/South Dakota area. So we have been driving to meet these storms.

We headed out last Friday towards Southern Minnesota. It took us about 3 hours to get to where the storms were. We were needing gas, so we pulled into a little town with a gas station. I could see as I pulled in there were 4 cars with weather insturments on top....meaning they were chasing the storms too. As I pulled next to the pump, the guy on the other side looked waaaaay familiar. I turned to the backseat where Hunter was sitting and I said "Hunter, isn't that the guy on that show we watch?" He said "Yeah...it's Tony!!!!" So I got out of the car and said.."Aren't you the guy with the show?" He said "Yeah." I said "We watch it all the time!! It's our favorite!" So I asked him if he wouldn't mind getting a picture with Hunter and I told him that Hunter is going into Meteorology so we are out chasing as well. Now, during this time, the tornado siren is going off....and nobody seemed to care!

So we got a picture and as they were leaving he came over and shook our hands and told us it was nice to meet us and good luck.
Did we see any tornadoes? No....too much rain...so seeing Tony made the trip worth it!!!

So here is Tony Laubach from the Discovery Channels "Storm Chasers"

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