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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A.S.U. vs University of Illinois

(taken with cell phone...blurry)

Kevin and I decided to take a trip together....without kids!

We went to the ASU/Uof I football game. It's a 5 hour drive from Cedar Falls, Iowa to Champagine, Illinois. I was amazed at how many ASU fans made it to the game. There must be alot of alumni in the midwest.

We got into town about 3pm. Checked into the hotel, ate some dinner and went to the game. We were on the visitors side, section 107 rows 7. We were right at the front. There was only 1 row of people in front of us. So the view was good.

Kevin scanned the group of ASU fans and was able to find 3 guys he used to play ball with at the ASU Rec Center!!! He played in some leagues with them YEARS ago. So to see them in Illinois at an ASU game was a one in a million chance. Those 3, pick an ASU away game every year, and they get together for a weekend. This happened to be the weekend. So Kevin enjoyed talking to them to see what they've been up to since the old days. Next year they are hitting the ASU/Missouri game...the same one we are planning on going to next year.

So as the game was starting...who comes walking in front of us? ASU Alumi, Phil Mickelson...

the Pro Golfer!!! He had his daughter and son with him. They stayed on the field for the 1st half. The ended up sitting in the ASU fan section. I think more people were watching him than the game. Which wasn't surprising since ASU wasn't doing all that great.

They ended up losing 17 to 14. It was a sad game. ASU quaterback kept getting sacked, the offense could not hold their defense. Our defense did a little better, but it wasn't enough.

I decided I didn't like being the visitor at the game. I miss rooting for the home team on the home teams turf.

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